Green Steel
Our planet Earth is home to uncountable living forms. The water we drink, the air we breathe, and the natural surroundings that we live in constitute our world. A neat and clean environment is essential for a happy, safe, and productive community. It is because the state of the ecosystem drastically impacts all types of living and even non-living forms present on the planet.
Therefore, a healthy and safe ecosystem can flourish only when the environment is clean all the way.

Why it is important to care for the

There are millions of reasons why we must care for our environment. We can never afford to lose what Earth offers to us free of cost, and every living organism depends on them for survival. Life’s existence can never be imagined without caring for the environment. Earth has reached its existing stage after millions and millions of years. The stability it has achieved is the result of constant evolution and adaptation taking place for billions of years. The earth today has become an amazing place filled with uncountable forms of life. How can we think of destroying it?

Here is why we should always care for our environment
  • Earth is our only home
  • Whatever wrong we do to nature today, drastically affects us tomorrow
  • A responsibility to safeguard what we call ‘ours’
  • For future generations
  • Our planet needs biodiversity to stay healthy.

Industries and Environment

It is unquestionably true that industrialization contributes hugely to the prosperity and development of a country. On the upside, it not only creates millions of new job opportunities but also a robust source of wealth generation. But, when it comes to the downside, it leads to irreparable environmental deterioration in a large number of ways. In the scenario where the progression of life cannot be imagined without industrialization, we need to take some effective measures so that the negative effects of industries on the planet/environment can be made less serious and intense.


How steel manufacturing affects the environment

The iron ore mined from Earth is the principal ingredient in the manufacturing of steel. And, more than 2,000 million tons of iron ore is mined in a year - with 95% of it consumed by the steel manufacturing industry. Currently, Steel Sector is the fifth largest sector which is responsible to contribute around 7% of the CO2 Emission caused by mankind worldwide.

In light of the global environmental crisis and our commitment to environmental responsibility as a large level steel manufacturer, we have undertaken a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study of our manufacturing process for Steel Cast & Rolled Products. This study aims to thoroughly evaluate and highlight the sustainability of our practices and their impact on the planet.

Building upon the findings of the LCA study, we have meticulously prepared a comprehensive Environment Product Declaration (EPD) report, adhering to the Product Category Rule (PCR) for Basic Iron or Steel Products & Special Steels. This report is crafted in accordance with all requisite EPD, ISO Standards, and associated guidelines. Moreover, this report has undergone a stringent verification by an authorized verifier to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Additionally, the Environment Product Declaration (EPD) report can be conveniently viewed on the International EPD Portal.
You can access it directly through the following link:

Green Steel

Green steel can help mitigate the environmental impact of construction by reducing the amount of energy and resources required to produce steel, as well as the amount of waste and emissions generated during the manufacturing process.

What Is Green Steel?

Striking a perfect balance between industries and the environment is the need of the hour. The process of steel manufacturing with reduced greenhouse gas GHG emissions into the atmosphere as well as potentially reducing cost and improving steel quality, as compared to conventional steel production is referred to as Green Steel. A global study indicates that steel demand will keep on rising until the end of the 21st century, so there is a huge motivation to look for an alternative method of steel production that emits Low Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions into the atmosphere. Recognizing and realizing the problems and defining the responsible factors is one of the primary ways to address the environmental concerns.

Laxcon and Green Steel

We at Laxcon are seeing environmental problems as an opportunity rather than threats by adopting new strategies and adapting to new processes. We are integrating sustainability into business practices through management and employee engagement. We are committed to contributing to planetary Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions targets. We are also committed to India’s vow to turn net zero by 2070, which is being wholeheartedly supported by brands, businesses and consumers.

green steel image
Our Green Initiatives will involve a wide range of activities. Some of them include
  • Green Processes in Manufacturing
  • Reduce waste by adopting process modification
  • Reduce waste by implementing product modifications
  • Proactive energy conservation More use of renewable energy
  • A healthy environment for employees
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Water conservation
  • Zero waste, ZED, ZLD.
  • Net Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions across our units.

Steps taken by Laxcon

Currently following steps have already been taken

Rainwater Harvesting All the units have the systems installed


Solid Waste Management Making bricks from waste slag


Solar Energy
Power plant of 5 MW


of Saplings


Regular Assessment of Carbon Footprints

We are moving towards

100% renewable
energy-consuming sites

and we pledge to work further on the followings

  • Green products
  • Process reengineering and adopting clean technology
  • Bigger AOD heat size with the least possible process time – It utilizes the heat generated during the exothermic reactions in the converter for the refining of the steel
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Wind Solar Hybrid Power Project in Jamnagar - 2.7MW power
  • Usage of 100% Scrap steel Recycling – a positive step towards alleviating emissions in comparison to BF and BOF Route
  • Green supply chain
  • Use of battery-operated vehicles inside the plant
  • Electric buses for transportation

The Benefits of Green Steel

By choosing Laxcon Steel's Green Steel products, you can enjoy a range of benefits

steel rods

Environmental Sustainability

Our Green Steel products are produced using sustainable practices, reducing carbon footprint and helping to protect the planet.

Durability and Strength

Our Green Steel products are just as strong and durable as traditional steel products, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Cost Savings

Our Green Steel products can help reduce your energy costs and improve your bottom line.

Global emissions from steel are primarily generated while producing steel from primary sources. Producing steel from scrap uses mainly electricity and emits significantly less CO2. Producing steel from stainless steel scrap, using renewable electricity, results in a very low-emitting circular material.

The Sustainability Promise

We are a pioneer in Stainless Steel Long Products manufacturing and are committed to creating a more sustainable world. We have set ambitious climate and circulatory goals for ourselves including commitment to reaching a 50% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero latest by 2050. We have initiated to take the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality and are striving to reduce Carbon Footprint in our value chain.

Vision & Mission

Our aim is to provide Eco Products with Eco-friendly Manufacturing process by achieving Carbon Neutrality

  • To reduce the CO2 Emission at the time of production and processing by our customers
  • Reduce Environmental Impact at the time of use of our products by end customers
  • Reduce CO2 Emissions in Customer Supply Chain
happy earth
Journey to
Net Zero

We must agree that sustainable business is a good business and it is only possible when we maintain the pace with time and technology. However in the race of industrialization, one should not forget to protect the environment, which we consider by default as our prime social responsibility


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