Bright Bars

Size Range 5 mm to 115 mm (3/16” – 4-1/2”)

Bright bars are formed with a cold working process using high-quality bright bar steel where they are cooled and subjected to further fine-finishing processes such as peeling, turning, grinding, polishing, etc. at room temperature. The properties of bright bars are enhanced by the process of Rolling, Drawing and the Heat Treatment. They have excellent weldability and machinability, which make them highly favourable for precision machining components and constructing large, sturdy structures. Bright bars are a prime component for manufacturing in Engineering and construction to provide prompt stability, strength and durability to giant structures. As one of the top bright bar suppliers and stainless steel bright bars manufactures in India, Laxcon Steels delivers excellence in each bar that it produces. The stature that Laxcon has earned within the industry among the leading stainless steel bright bar manufacturers in India is exemplary and unmatchable. This is the reason the company is revered among the top bright bars manufacturers across the globe.

Bright Bars

Supply Conditions

Length upto 6.5 metres
Cold Drawn Centreless Ground, Peeled & Polished, Rough Peeled or Smooth Turned Bars
Tolerances h7, h8, h9, h10, h11, k12, k13
Surface finish Ra upto 0.2 mm (8.7 RMS)
Straightness Upto 0.5 mm per metre
Grit polish K240, K320 or as per Customer’s requirement
Heat treatment Soft Annealing, Solution Annealing, Oil & Water Quenching, Tempering & Aging
Bars End Finish Chamfered ends 30°,45°,60° and plain ends without Burrs on Sharp Edge
Specifications As per EN, DIN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, GOST, AISI/Nace MRO175, MR0103

Grade confirmation through PMI testing with Handheld Spectrometers Free from Radioactive elements, Mercury & Lead contamination

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