Being the driver of social upliftment across strata, CSR is a significant part of our corporate philosophy. The major principles of our CSR activities include reduction in emissions, energy-efficiency, safety at workplace, conservation of resources, product recyclability, and constant innovation.
CSR for Laxcon Steels Limited means to share the success of the company from the following 3 perspectives

Health & Safety

The talent and long-term commitment of thousands of people who make up the Group has been fundamental to the success of Laxcon throughout our history of 45 years, along with the products that we market around the world. Considering security always a prime concern, we facilitate safe workplaces for our employees. We have integrated occupational risk prevention at all levels across our manufacturing facilities. Our Health and Safety Management System meets all the requirements of ISO 45001:2015.


Social Initiatives

We consider society our key stakeholders. Therefore, we conduct our business operations in a way to provide both economic and environmental benefits. As a goodwill gesture, we share our success with the society that we operate in. Be it women empowerment, education of the underprivileged, health initiatives or steps for environment protection, all our CSR activities are focused on making a difference to the poor and underprivileged section of society. We firmly believe that these activities benefit society by bringing a positive change in the lives of people.


Commitment to the Environment

Laxcon Steels Limited is committed to carrying out environmentally responsible operations by implementing improved performance and management system in sync with environmental impact. We have established a low-emission melt shop along with a fully integrated stainless steel manufacturing set up that reduces transportation needs. Laxcon has always been a large recycler of steel with a focus on reduction in waste generation, and reusing and recycling metallic and non-metallic materials.



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