Unequal Angle profiles

Unequal Angle Image

A variation of stainless steel profile that is in high demand in the automotive industry

Unequal angle has a different side length that can be seen with naked eyes. They are used in automobile as well as the construction field where unequal support is needed frequently.


Up to 6.4 meters


ASTM A484 EN10056

Heat treatment process

Hot rolled, annealed & pickled (HRAP)

Grit polish

As per customer’s request



Bar ends

Deburred Ends, Plain Ends without Burrs or Sharp Edges.
Grade confirmation through PMI testing with handheld spectrometer.
Free from radioactive elements, mercury, and lead contamination.
Inkjet printing ad per grade and size.


Size (mm) Size (inch) Size (mm) Size (inch) Size (mm) Size (inch)
25X15X5 1”X3/5”X3/16” 50X25X4 2”X1”X1/6” 60X40X6 2-3/8”X1-4/7”X1/4”
30X15X3 1-1/6”X3/5”X1/8” 50X25X5 2”X1”X3/16” 70X50X6 2-3/4”X2”X1/4”
30X20X3 1-1/6”X4/5”X1/8” 50X25X6 2”X1”X1/4” 70X50X7 2-3/4”X2”X9/32”
30X20X4 1-1/6”X4/5”X1/6” 50X30X4 2”X1-1/6”X1/6” 75X40X6 3”X1-4/7”X1/4”
40X20X3 1-4/7”X4/5”X1/8” 50X30X5 2”X1-1/6”X3/16” 76.2X38.1X6.35 3”X1-1/2”X1/4”
40x20x4 1-4/7”X4/5”X1/6” 50X30X6 2”X1-1/6”X1/4” 75X40X10 3”X1-4/7”X2/5”
40x20x5 1-4/7”X4/5”X3/16” 50X40X4 2”X1-4/7”X1/6” 80X40X6 3-1/8”X1-4/7”X1/4”
40x20x6 1-4/7”X4/5”X1/4” 50X40X5 2”X1-4/7”X3/16” 80X40X8 3-1/8”X1-4/7”X5/16”
40X30X5 1-4/7”X1-1/6”X3/16” 50X40X6 2”X1-4/7”X1/4” 80X65X8 3-1/8”X2-5/9”X5/16”
40X30X6 1-4/7”X1-1/6”X1/4” 60X30X4 2-3/8”X1-1/6”X1/6” 90X60X6 3-1/2”X2-3/8”X1/4”
45X30X4 1-7/9”X1-1/6”X1/16” 60X30X5 2-3/8”X1-1/6”X3/16” 100X50X6 4”X2”X1/4”
45X30X5 1-7/9”X1-1/6”X3/16” 60X30X6 2-3/8”X1-1/6”X1/4” 100X50X8 4”X2”X5/16”
45X30X6 1-7/9”X1-1/6”X1/4” 60X40X4 2-3/8”X1-4/7”X1/6” 100X75X9 4”X3”X3/8”
45X40X5 1-7/9”X1-4/7”X3/16” 60X40X5 2-3/8”X1-4/7”X3/16”